TuneConnect 2
TuneConnect 2

TuneConnect 2

For the control freak in you.

Download TuneConnect 2.1 for OS X
Tiger Required, Leopard Recommended

Add Last.fm Support to TuneConnect 2.0

Having problems installing TuneConnect Server 2.0?

From the Press Release: The TuneConnect Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of TuneConnect 2.0, the latest reinvention of our revolutionary iTunes remote control software for Mac OS X. Featuring speed-of-light music browsing and full-featured controls, TuneConnect 2 is a complete rewrite of the old TuneConnect. Control your music simply, quickly, and easily, from anywhere on your network: welcome to life with TuneConnect.

As of June 2010, TuneConnect is no longer actively maintained. Its source is available on {13bold}'s GitHub.